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  1. Hi
    I love your Bling-Y Bent wood rocker. I loved it so much I went out and bought one prepared to copy your beautiful project for my little girl to be’s nursery. I am running into problems, however. and i am hoping you can advise me. I know this project is a few years old and I hope you don’t mind my asking. Did you strip the chair before you spray painted it? Did you apply a sealant afterward? The person I have asked to paint this for me (I can’t do it myself as spray paint and pregnancy are not a good mix :) said, if I don’t seal it it will scratch and look awful very quickly. Was this your experience? The chair will be getting a lot of wear in the nursery. We plan to use it as feeding chair. He also seemed to think painting the back of the chair a different color than the wood would present great difficulties. You didn’t seem to describe it as being all that hard. Am I missing something? He even seemed to think it would make it impossible to sit on the chair because the paint would make the caning very breakable. Does any of this match your experience? Again, I am sure you are busy with much newer things. Sorry to ask. It’s such a beautiful chair and I have been pining after it my whole pregnancy! Thanks in advance for your advice and for the wonderful inspiration.

    1. Hi Naomi!

      Thanks so much, I’m glad you like it. And congratulations! This will be so pretty in a nursery.

      This was a very simple project for me, but I haven’t used the chair that much. However, I would think as long as it is sealed with a polyurethane it should take lots of use and still look good. I spray painted the frame and painted the seat and back with a paintbrush. It really wasn’t difficult, just time consuming, because you have to cover the back and seat with paper and tape in order to spray the frame. I would think a spray polyurethane would be easy to apply.

      Good luck and let me know if you have any more questions!!

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