Giving Up Resolutions for Goals

Happy new year! I don’t know about y’all but I’m over the New Years resolutions. Every year I halfheartedly make a list of things I should do better.

This year I’m giving up the resolutions and going straight for the goals. And I’ve got some big ones this year.

And because one of my goals is to stop focusing solely on what I don’t have and be more grateful for what I do have I want to celebrate our home in every stage, unfinished projects and all.

Because, let’s face it, we can spend so much time worrying about what’s in store for the future that we miss out in the moment. And if I can’t be grateful for a home where I get to build a life with my husband then I can never appreciate all the other stuff. So I thought it would be fun to take a look back at 2017 before jumping into my plans for the new year.

We met three big goals for our house this year!

  • New Floors Downstairs
  • Laundry Room Doors
  • Backyard Pea Gravel Patio

New Floors

I touched on this a little bit in a previous post but basically this was a months long project. Yes, I said months. As in more than one. So I won’t go into it again but let’s just say it was a huge learning experience. Some of the work we did ourselves, including removing all the old flooring and installing the bedroom flooring. It was a long summer.

But it’s done!!

Laundry Room Doors

This one might be my favorite. These doors were a hot mess when we got them but I love being able to reuse things and I love mixing old with new. I mean, one of the things I love about this house is that it’s newer than the house we used to live in which means things tend to work better. But it also means it has less character and less architectural features that you find in older homes. But you can always add character and cool features and we did that with these doors.

And our guests don’t have to look at the washer and dryer when they use this bathroom.

Plus, my husband worked so hard on them which makes them that much more special. Now I just have to find some cool iron doorknobs.

Backyard Pea Gravel Patio

Except for the back deck, our backyard was completely empty when we moved in. The deck is nice but I always wanted a seating area in the yard where we could have a fire pit and some comfortable furniture. I tend to spend time in the backyard pretty much everyday now that we have the chickens.

Now we have a comfy spot to hang when we’re grilling out or if I’m watching the chickens free-range. This project was a little tough but so fun!

When I look around the house and see all the things I want to work on it can feel like I’m not getting anything done. But when I actually take the time to look back over the last twelve months I can see progress and I can see our blood, sweat and tears and I’m so grateful for it.

And it makes me want to keep going so that I can check more things off the list.

Here’s to a bright and beautiful new year!!

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