A Kitchen Rug from Fab Habitat: One Year Later

How has it been two years since we moved into this house? I can’t seem to wrap my brain around how quickly time goes by these days. But I’ve been slowly chipping away at my list of projects and this house has come a long way from where we started. Even without any major remodeling. Unless you count the floors that we replaced throughout the main level.

Oh happy day, new floors. We actually replaced the floors throughout the kitchen, dining, living room and master bedroom with engineered hardwood. It was a loooong process. After my husband installed the floor in our bedroom (and did an amazing job by the way) I decided to just go ahead and hire someone to install the rest of it. It was too much work for one person and believe it or not he does NOT share my love and joy for DIY and home renovations. I removed all the old floors myself to save us a little money. But the time between the removal and the install was not short. We actually lived with subfloor, and underlayment for a while. You know, that white foamy stuff? Yeah, that was fun.




That project was a learning experience y’all. I won’t go into it all but let me just say this. If you are going to get your flooring from a liquidator then just know that it’s often called “seconds” which means a lot of it will be damaged. We discarded so much of it that we almost didn’t have enough to finish the kitchen. Since the place we bought it from sold out of it I couldn’t just go buy another box. So we ended up pulling it out of our bedroom closet and luckily that was enough to finish the kitchen. We replaced the floors in the closet with some of the discarded pieces. I mean…I’m just glad we can check that one off the list.


Anyway. One thing that hasn’t changed is the kitchen rug from Fab Habitat. Last year they kindly offered to send me a rug and I was thrilled when it arrived. Since we’ve had the rug for over a year, and it goes through a lot on a daily basis, I thought it would be fun to review it.



Hello texture!! This rug is woven from old tire tubes and polypropylene which gives it an amazing texture. I’m all about some texture. It’s one of the best ways to give a space some dimension. It did have a strange rubbery smell at first but that went away after a couple of weeks, so no big deal.



I love that it’s recycled and hand-woven. Y’all know I’m all about things that have been repurposed. But let me point one thing out. Because it’s made from reclaimed tires there are some small, random yellow spots throughout the rug. They’re not super noticeable though. I think it’s from the numbers or labeling on the actual tires. In my opinion it adds to the character.



Because it’s made with polypropylene it’s heavy duty and easy to clean. Which makes it perfect for high traffic areas like the kitchen. We spend a lot of time in here and this is where the dogs eat. Literally, right here on this rug. Otherwise they push their bowls around all over the floor and that sound makes me a little bit crazy. But still, this rug looks great even after a whole year in a busy spot of the house. Food, spills and dirt are easy to wipe away.







Big thanks to Fab Habitat for the chance to review this rug!! All opinions are 100% my own.

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